Monday, June 16, 2008

Of Battlestars, Ideologies, and Generations

One thing I've always found fascinating about this show, is just how gritty and realistic it is. Seems odd to call a science fiction show realistic, but that's exactly how I see it. They have delved into the human psyche so well, that it's difficult to pull out of it and realize that it's complete fantasy. Bless the Peabody Awards for recognizing this.

Speaking as an eclectic Christian, meaning: I don't care what you believe so long as you believe in something about the Creator, the idea of a dominant culture being polytheistic in their beliefs is intrinsically fantastic. I'm sure my more fundamentalistic, right winger, Christian brothers and sisters would disagree however. More's the pity.

The reason that I like the idea of a polytheistic society is that they don't care about others beliefs all that much. They have their god and they're happy with that. I have to wonder if this world would've had fewer wars if everyone let bygones be bygones in regards to religion. It's something to ponder. The whole idea of making war in the name of a deity disgusts me.

Now that the RTF has made it to Earth and found irradiated ruins, I have to wonder where exactly they are going to go with this. The only other place where the constellations would be the same would be the Alpha Centauri trinary system. Yet, I'd think they would notice more than one sun in the sky.

Caprica being pregnant with Tigh's child is something that I thought they would've covered before the break. Up until that point, Cylons couldn't breed with Cylons. Their reasoning behind it was that love was supposed to be a component. I disagree. I think it has to do with being a completely realized individual. Caprica is very different from her sisters now, and for all we know Tigh is the only one of his kind.

So we have two hybrid children with one pure Cylon baby on the way. That is going to be interesting to watch.

Now to wait till next year when we find out that their Basestar has some sort of locater beacon in it, or something that'll allow the one's, four's, and five's to trace them to Earth. I'm sitting here hoping that the final five has a fleet somewhere in the solar system.

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